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Relax gracefully. this is as a lady’s dream. It’s a wonderful picture to relax. Our recliner chairs combine the exquisite styling and precision mechanics of fine furniture to provide the most comfortable feeling. From the TV to the reading position, the raised footstool adjusts itself to provide you with optimal comfort, while the folding footstool allows you to fully stretch your legs. Rely on any position that relaxes you most. Maintenance-free low-voltage motors and durable steel construction ensure years of reliability and relaxation. It sounds very good. This is a online mall worth looking at.


Recliner Chair Details :

  1. Folding dual purpose recliner height

The height of the folded dual-purpose recliner is 156*60*82CM, the flattened length is 156, and it is not very high from the ground. If you make a bed, it is 180 degrees. If you make a recliner, it is 120 degrees. Then this recliner height It is very practical and can be equipped with a small pillow, which is very comfortable whether it is lying down or sleeping.


  1. Folding and lengthening dual purpose recliner height

This folding lengthened dual-purpose recliner is naturally longer than the above one. It can also be used for 180 degrees or 120 degrees. The horizontal size is 178*62*26CM, and the reclining chair height is 30-. 40CM, width is 60CM, backrest is 82CM, handrail is 60CM, if you do bed, the length is 178CM, the recliner width is 60CM, the recliner height is 26CM, so increase the length, so that tall people can have greater space.


  1. Plus cotton and long lounge chair height

You can make a bed 180 degrees, you can also make a chair 120 degrees, there is a removable cotton sleeve. The pillow can move up and down. Flat lay size: 178*62*650px, recliner seat height: 30-40CM recliner width: 60CM, backrest: 82CM, armrest: 60CM, make bed, length: 178CM, width: 60CM, recliner height: 26CM, this It is very useful for winter.


  1. Plus cotton luxury Teslin deck chair height

This lounge chair height type is suitable for home, hospital bed, unit lunch break, travel, etc. are all very practical evil, recliner size: 177*58CM, height of seat recliner: 40CM, distance between two handrails: 62CM, single bed length: 177CM, Weight: about 10KG, weight: 100Kg Fabric: 600D beef cloth plus cotton cloth, inside a layer of sponge. The height of the recliner is very warm for the winter, and even if the work is sitting for a long time, it is very comfortable and will not feel pain. It also prevents back bruises.



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