Massage Recliners:What Benefits Can We Get from Massage Recliners?

The massage chair first entered the consumer market in the late 1980s. The purpose of the massage chair is to mimic the movements and techniques of the massager so as to reduce pressure, tension and relieve back pain.

In spite of the slow development of the massage chair, people’s interest in this technology has increased in about 10 years, prompting competitors to try to find the most effective massage chairs.

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Massage therapy

At present, the most effective massage technology is the design of the massage chair to try similar Shiatsu and Swedish massage.

Slippery bodies tend to use pressure, sweep, beat, roll and rotate. The main characteristic of Shiatsu is to release pressure at specific locations of the body.

Swedish massage is characterized by long sliding and kneading movements. The purpose of this massage is to promote proper and strong circulation.

The main components of a massage chair

The design of most massage chairs includes three main components to match these massage techniques:

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Massage chair motors – these are the basic mechanical aspects of massage chairs. They drive and move nodes and rollers to the necessary area and allow necessary adjustments to the seat backrest.

Massage chairs have many preset patterns and procedures for massaging the entire back. However, motors, joints and rollers should be modified through the control pad of all massage chairs. As the user has specified, the massage chair is focused downward on the top of the spine through the lower back, through percussion, rolling or kneading.

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Massage chair nodes and rollers – these different sizes and shapes, are designed to simulate fingers and hands. The massage chairs with large rollers and nodes provide a more general way of massage, while smaller nodes and roller massage chairs provide more detailed and more accurate massage. They are targeted at specific areas on the back of the user and can be moved in a variety of ways, all of which are pre programmed into the structure of the massage chair. Similarly, the user can adjust the nodes and rollers on the massage chair to suit his or her needs.

Computer aided adjustment of massage chairs – this is probably the most basic factor. Almost all massage chairs are automatically adjusted according to the weight, height and width of the user. By measuring the pressure on the back of the seat, the height of the rollers and the raised height of the nodes is adjusted. In addition, by positioning the specific area of the back anatomy, the massage chair will make necessary adjustments to the height and width of the user. You can also refine these options by selecting various inputs on the console.

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