modern leather recliner:Buy 2018 New Fashion modern leather recliner

There is a chair that can let you relax,fight back ,your whole stress disappear when you sit dowm . Its armless design adds a glamour element to the decor. The accessory back design is suitable for most decoration schemes. The classic design style is a complex addition to your decor.So do u fall in love with a leather recliner ? Answers are 100% yes !


High quality leather recliner ,so sweet dream can be come true when you put yourself into it after finishing whole day work .It seems that leather recliner suit for office men or office women ,however ,it is not. High quality leather recliners suit for all people ,young people, old people, children, healthy people, disabled people and so on .


Anyone who sit on leather recliner all can relax themselves .After all ,recliner especially high quality leather recliner can recline ,it is so relaxing as you can known .


If you want to buy a recliner chair ,you must know types ,following introductions are about types :


1,Loveseat Recliner Chair

Loveseat means two lovers sit down together ,the name of recliner chair describes its basic function .There are two positions exit in this recliner :upright or fully recliner. You typically release the footrest using a lever to recline.


When come to price ,this type recliner chairs are the cheapest one usually ,this is its advantages .However ,there are also disadvantages about it :they’re limited in function and tend to take up a lot of space when fully reclined because the chair back moves back as the footrest pops up. This means this recliner chair can not be put in small space because you need to keep it away from your walls .


2,Rocker Recliner Chair

Rocker recliner chairs usually have several tilt angles. The footrest can be set, but the back does not need to go back all the time, just like the two-position recliner chair. This makes the rocker recliner chair more suitable for small spaces because you can move it close to the wall. Although their price is slightly higher than the two-position recliner, the rocker recliner chair is still the cheapest recliner. I have to say this type is high quality leather recliner ,you deserve it !


3,Rise/lift Recliner Chair

The riser/lift chair is basically an electric recliner, leaning against the back of the chair and tilting upwards so that you can stand up from the chair without any effort. They are the most expensive recliners, but they are very versatile. The riser chair is an ideal physically disabled or physically disabled person who sits and stands without help. The riser’s electric motor usually uses a transformer to plug into a wall outlet to lower the voltage to prevent electric shock. This type of recliner usually requires a lot of space and must be away from the wall. The riser recliner is usually a single or twin engine. The single-motor riser recliner has a motor that operates the recliner and the raised chair. These recliners usually only return to an angle of 45 degrees and are equipped with two button control pads or a remote control for operating the chair. Some single-motor recliners are designed to move the seat base forward so you can place it near the wall. On the double-motor riser recliner, one motor operates the pedals and the other controls the backrest. The riser’s control pad or remote control typically has four or more buttons – at least two buttons to operate each motor – and they are fully tilted.


4,Massage Recliner Chair

Massage recliner chair mean you can get massaged from your recliner chair  ,comparing to usually recliner chair ,this type recliner chair are more attractive for all of us ! Using this type recliner chair ,your back , your waist, your neck, your legs, in short, your whole body will be relaxed.


5,Power Recliner Chair

Power recliner chair means your recliner chair within electric ,comparing with usually recliner chair ,this type recliner chair is more convenient .There is point that you need pay attention to :pay more attention to safety of power .


High quality leather recliner suit for all kinds of people ,and high quality leather recliner for sale now and here ,welcome to visit our website ,and shopping them now !



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