Sleeper Recliner:Can Pregnant Woman Sleep On The Recliner?

You may experience various kinds of discomfort during pregnancy. Finding a comfortable place to sleep may be the most difficult. You know that sleep is essential to health, but comfort is crucial to sleep. You may decide to abandon the bed and try counting sheep on your couch. But for the sake of your child’s safety, you may wonder, can I sleep in a deck chair during pregnancy?

According to the American pregnancy Association, abdominal size, back pressure and pain, acid reflux, insomnia and shortness of breath all contribute to sleep problems. Sleeping in bed will aggravate these challenges, requiring you to surround yourself with millions of pillows, and you can get comfortable over and over again. Although the deck chair looks like an attractive option, there are some things to consider.

In the interview, Dr. Eva Martin, chief executive officer Yulu medical, Inc, said that sleeping during your pregnancy was worried because the baby’s weight could compress the main blood vessel called the IVC, responsible for the blood back to the heart.

Martin said: “if IVC can not return blood to the heart, then the heart will not have enough blood to transport to the body and the baby.” Sleeping on a couch may be a safe option, as long as you lie on your back, she says.

“If you are lying on a deck chair almost upright, it may be safe.” However, if the deck chair lets you lie down, this position can compress IVC.

Martin said, anyway, the safest way to lie on your back is to put a cushion, pillow or towel on your right side, so you will tilt to the left. This tilt to the left will shift your weight from IVC, she said.

So as long as you remember to keep your body upright and avoid lying flat, sleeping on a couch is safe. Remember to relax and sleep as much as possible, because once your baby arrives, sleep may become your dream. (for example, for example).

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